Zalando - Founding Days 
Opener and Visual Branding
About the project: ​​​​​​​
Each year the company Zalando celebrates their founding day with various speakers, activities and corporate goodies.
The theme of the event was "Connect" and very early in the process the team at zalando had the idea of light streaks and frames in mind that would connect in an abstract way. 
The visuals are used within various communication channels from posters to banners and in-mail graphics. The video itself is played at the beginning of the event to set a tone and get everyones attention with the catchy audio-track.
We made sure the visuals align with the Zalando Brand Guide and used the color spectrum used throughout other marketing material as well.​​​​​​​
Some frames of the animation were also used in print products and banners around the event to make for a cohesive branding. The prominent display of the visuals invited viewers to catch a mood right away and get a sense of the corporate values through abstract imagery.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Some of the frames were printed and used as decoration
Research and Development
After a rather open brief we worked closely with the Creative Director of Zalando to develop visuals that matched their expectations. I usually kick off with an extensive exploration phase. Taking the main parts of the brief and try to go wild with the concept, coming up with a multitude of ways to go. 
In order to define a style we did an extended phase of research and test different looks. The results of this phase allowed us to find a visual that worked best for the in-house team. With the theme "Connect" in mind we were able to explore some styles that looked promising as well, but didn't fit the message just right. I still like to share these as they give a great insight to my work process.
Tobias Peil
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