Søborg - Product shots​​​​​​​
The beauty of a chair, highligted by light and shadow
In 1950, Børge Mogensen introduced the prototype of the Søborg Chair. His fusion of functionalism, expertise in cabinetmaking and use of new production techniques led to a supremely simple chair that could be manufactured industrially. Merging his signature love of solid wood with his new-found passion for plywood shells, Mogensen crafted the Søborg Chair with soft rounded corners and gentle lines in a timeless design that appears light yet solid, with an ample-sized seat and back to ensure endless hours of comfort. It is a handcrafted approach to an industrial dilemma that highlights the textural properties of solid wood, plywood and later steel, in a subsequent version for the frame.

The images were created as part of a personal project. I wanted to highlight the simplicity of the object. Focusing on strong contrast, working out the shape and form. The stark rim-lights work to do just that. The slightly off-black look also gives the image a sense of luxury. 
Behind the scenes
The process to create the project involves a lot of different steps. I started by creating the 3D Model following the blueprint that were provided on the website. My focus was to create a model that was easy to use in production. So the geometry, edgeflow and polygon density had to be right. When the topology of the model was done I had to UV unwrap the model. This step is needed so you can accurately place textures on your model when applying shaders. The challenge with this is to add as few seams as possible. 
After this highly technical phase the fun part started. Textures, Shaders, Bump maps added a lot of realism and depth to the chair. Finally finding camera angles and light setups really help to convey a mood. In Postproduction I added some final touches, graded the images and gave them a matte look. 
To accomplish this project, I started by following a tutorial to model the chair in Blender. The tutorial was created by Andrew Price.

The design of the chair is done by: fredericia.com
You can find more info on the chair here: frederica.com/soborg
This is just a fictive project, I wasn't commissioned to work for them.
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