PUma Spectra - Product Shots
The people of @eleventeamsports reached out to me to promote the new PUMA Spectra Shoe on their website and social media channels.
They had seen my refractive work on Behance and imagined something along the lines of my sculptures project from last november. Although I was pretty much fully booked I jumped on and couldn‘t let this opportunity go to waste.
Produced for 11teamsports.com
They gave me a lot of creative freedom and wanted me to have fun with this. So I did and the result shows that I think.
Despite a tight deadline we finished this project on time and the client was happy about it. You can see the banner on their website.
It really was a pleasure to see that my personal work has actually led me to getting payed for creating this „art-style“. As someone that enjoys creating and playing around with techniques to create visuals that is super rewarding.
I was delivered high quality product shots of the different models of the shoe by @thomasvankristen. After cutting them out I brought them into Maxons Cinema4D as planes. That way the objects in the environment would react to it, hence incorporating it better into the scene. You can see that in the reflections of the spheres.
I messed around with shapes and composition a lot, only to go back to slightly deformed spheres. They just seemed like the best fit for the task.

Color Edit and slight retouching was done in Photoshop.

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