AMEX Platinum
I was lucky enough to produce two short clips for the new AMEX Platinum campaign that will be rolled out in summer 2021. The agency came up with the slogan "expect the unexpected" - that needed to be translated into moving images for digital advertisement in various formats.
The clips play with the expectation and understanding of our physical world while highlighting the superior platinum card. It redefines the rules we know and makes life extraordinary.
The clips aim to convey this in a fun manner and catch the viewers attention. 
Produced at MWD-Agentur
The agency contacted me with two ideas for clips that they had in mind. Through the scenes we wanted to convey that the AMEX Platinum card is a tough and durable card, yet through colors and movement we needed to keep the mood playful and make the product feel approachable. 
The Slogan "Expect the unexpected" needed to show within 10 seconds and present the product as this is the length for the targeted Ad-Formats.

To kick the project off I built variations of how the scenes could look and put together rough animatics to explore the concept and camera movements.
The campaign was shown on various platforms and in out-of-home media. It converted well when shown in relevant places and was a success to the whole team.
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