Animated Music Video -
Where the Crawfish Sing

The Aviary Bridge Records label loves to provide listeners with new instrumental hip-hop, lo-fi and chill-hop music. The "Where the Crawfish Sing" album was a very special project. The artists LeVirya and Broey wanted to convey an organic vibe from the start and went so far as to record some of the samples themselves outdoors in nature. The album should be accompanied by a visualizer for Youtube.
Illustrations were created by the talented Felix Sorau
Produced for Aviary Bridge Records
The goal with the album and the video was to create a peaceful oasis in which one can find tranquility. The music video tells the story illustrated on the album cover and is about the crawfish Irene who is experiencing an adventure. The video was intended to support the organic vibe of the album and take the viewer into another world.
Work processes must always follow the project goal and be adapted accordingly. In this case, it was a matter of implementing 16 minutes of animation, putting the viewer in a mood, telling a story and of course staying within the customer's budget. For that reason I decided to work with a lot of looped animations for the background flowers and animals. Particle systems were also used to give life to the scene. 
I also captured part of my work process via screen capture and made it available as a video. There you can see the different steps needed to bring an illustration like this to life.
The core of the whole video was the story and had to be transferred to the timeline of the music in the first step. The label-owners and artists had a precise idea of what action should take place at what time. That made the process very linear and easy.
In order to give the video more space and depth, all individual elements were distributed on the Z axis. The spatial differences and a virtual camera create a parallax effect.
For the animation itself, I created 10-20 second loops for individual elements. This was the most efficient way to animate fish, flies and plant movements and give the whole picture an organic vibe. The text animations were also designed so that I could change them quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks. Key elements like the crayfish or the bird were later animated according to the timecodes of the story.
With just a few weeks online the video is already the third most viewed video on their channel. It might even be the only video on Youtube without any dislikes at all. The video got an amazing response from the community and great feedback. Here are some of the comments from viewers:
“Beautifully crafted, incredible soundtrack and the visual story brings everything together so perfectly. Amazing effort!” 
- Beats Buffet Radio
“Excellent work - love the visual aspect. Great tape.”
- Dan Leak
“Great Video!” 
- Chillhop Music
"I love it Tobias. Really great work. The 16 mins flew by and I'm really happy with the results <3"

- Leon Permentier (LeVirya), Label owner Aviary Bridge Records
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