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The owner of the RollitFilms agency came to me with the request to design an animation for the internal corporate communication of BP Germany. As part of a video that included real-footage the video should show and explain the optimized processes in the group's value chain. The animation should communicate content more clearly.
A best-of with excerpts from the animation can be seen above.
Produced at RollitFilms
In the beginning we had to develop a style that we wanted to use for the animation. In order to communicate the technical considerations of the structures and to give a good overview of complex process chains, the illustration in isometric illustrations seemed appropriate to me.
In accordance with the text at hand, I sketched and refined scenes to coordinate them with the customer.
After accepting the scenes, I was able to work out a digital implementation. Since we chose the isometric style, all elements were based on a fixed grid: parallel lines arranged with a rotation of 30 °. Using the SSR (Scale Shear Rotation) method, I was also able to bring flat illustrations like the map of Europe into perspective. To create the look I had to learn a few things about mathematics again, but it was a fun process to come up with a solution. This allowed me to also work with other assets easier and made the whole process of designing and animating a lot faster.
In some sequences, however, the camera should pan and show the map from above. In this case, I could not use the card as originally intended, but had to technically rethink the implementation for my animation. The solution was a virtual camera in After Effects with an extremely long focal length to prevent perspective distortion. This camera must then be at a very specific angle to the object in order to simulate the isometric look.
With the camera setup it was now easy to illustrate the objects and gradually incorporate them into the scenery.
“Tobias Peil knows how to exceed expectations. After a large number of joint projects, he was also able to over-deliver with the creation and animation for the British oil company BP. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality standards combined with intelligent creativity and look forward to many more projects.”
- René-Marcel Kwasny, CEO Roll it Films GmbH
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