EXplainer - AVG Biogas plant
When the team of SichtzeitTV approached me to produce an animation for the Cologne biogas plant, I was immediately on board. As part of an image film, the visualizations should explain the inner, non-accessible part of the system. It was a great opportunity for me to test my skills on an extensive 3D project. The entire plant and the fermentation process should be explained and visualized.
Produced at SichtzeitTV
As I was the only person responsible for the entire animation, I had to deal with various steps. Starting with the preparation of the CAD models of the biogas plant, through the texturing of these, to the animation and creation of the molecular scenes. I also did the compositing and color grading for the scenes. Because everything comes from one source, questions and feedback were very easy and quick to implement.
The script was given by the production company and so I was able to stick to the text with the animation and timing. In particular, designing the camera movements so that sound and image always match is a challenge in such projects. Particle animations, simulations and keyframes have been used equally in this project.
The project should be delivered in 4K and 50fps. This means a lot of effort for the rendering process. Sometimes files can be harder to work with as they get extensively big, especially in the compositing tag. But with the provided infrastructure I was able to handle everything well.
"Many motion designers can produce beautiful pictures, but only a few clearly visualize complicated content. Tobias Peil is one of them. Again and again."
- Michael Ringelsiep, Senior-Producer /  SICHTZEIT GmbH
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