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I worked at the agency Aleks&Shantu for about two years before we got the chance to work on an internal project that we could devote some resources to. The CEO wanted me and my Team  to work out a piece that would show a broad spectrum of styles within a short period of time. A piece that would capture the attention of people and could show the audience that we were able to bring some serious animation skills to the table if needed. Because the video was supposed to be used in the header-section of the expertise page of the studio, it had an ultra wide aspect ratio. That helps to give the project a more cinematic look. 
It is mostly through these projects, that motion studios really develop their skills and find a voice for themselves. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on this film during downtimes at the studio and within 4 months this project came to life. 
Produced at Aleks&Shantu

Concept: Remy Sant & Tobias Peil
Illustrations: Remy Sant
Lead Animation: Tobias Peil
Character Animation: Remy Sant
Additional Animation: Kira 
Sound Design: Tobias Peil
The first step for us was to do some research on styles that we wanted to merge for this clip. A lot of high-end motion design projects were collected, consumed, analysed and compared. A lot of the videos were done by studios like Buck, Giant Ant, Ordinary Folk. We needed to aim very high in order to accomplish what the CEO's asked for. 
Illustrations by Remy Sant
The script was partly a team-effort. Brainstorming random ideas and not holding back with stupid thoughts resulted in a pretty fun journey. Weird sketches and maybe a little drink now and then helped to sharpen (and blur) our vision. After a lot of revisions we managed to come up with a final script and put that into an animatic.
Storyboards were created by our super talented in house illustration Remy Sant, he really polished the vision we had and looked for elements to use from our research.
When it comes to animating storyboards, this can sometimes be a tricky process as storyboards were created from flat images. So I had to figure out how we could build the scenes so the connections and transitions worked properly, how to bring assets into After Effects to work properly and at what points we needed to use additional 3D-Software to create the look we planned for. 
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