Bolk - Process Visuals 
Illustrating the process of a web-agency​​​​​​​
About the project: ​​​​​​​
Bolk Agency is working in the digital space to create outstanding web 3.0 experiences for their clients. From their multiple years of experience working with tech-companies they developed a strategic approach for rebranding and building websites. Through a clear process and communicating with the right people they make sure the client loves the result of their work.

To showcase this process they asked me to visualize each of the 7 steps. While they knew they wanted to work with transparent materials and lots of refractive imagery it was important to consider their brand values and keeping the messaging of each image simple and straight forward. Each visual needed to be a metaphorical translation of what is actually happening during that step.
Research and Development
As with most creative projects the first ideas didn’t make it into the final delivery. I still want to give you some insights into the visuals we explored along the way in order to uncover better ideas.
Art Direction / 3D Artist: 
Tobias Peil
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